Image result for A Guide on Enjoying Gay Events and Culture in Cape TownProverbs and phrases across different cultures try to teach us the power of making wise decisions, and a good one to remember now is Benjamin Franklin’s, ‘if you fail to plan, you plan to fail’ which sounds like death and doom if not taken into consideration for how relevant it is in general across many aspects. One of these is simply planning to have a good time enjoying the best of Cape Town’s gay events. We are adults, who have responsibilities like work, which require you to put in leave notice ahead of time, apply early and with the correct amount of time allocated.

Book Your Accommodation Early to Save

You want to spend at least 4 days in Cape Town so you get time to adjust when travelling there and just so you get the hang of where everything is, and how long it takes you to travel between places form your accommodation. You also want to plan, and to do so in advance, on getting accommodation in Cape Town’s hotspots either in Greenpoint, or Seapoint which can get very packed quickly, so make a reservation at least 2-3 months ahead so you can also save by getting avoiding peak charges. Applying early for accommodation also means possible discounts so begin early.

Cutting Transport and Entertainment Costs

Once you have booked your accommodation, it makes it much easier to know what restaurants you can visit in the area leading up to your event, as well as what transport modes are available. You could Uber, travel by MyCiti, or take one of the local cabs who are always willing to discount you if you plan on travelling with them more than once, and at Uber rates too. You can also attend gay socials at restaurants and clubs like Beefcakes or The Crewbar leading up to your event, and visit one of the local gay beaches for some sun fun.