Image result for Being Gay in Cape Town, Better than the Other CitiesIt has been largely debated whether being gay in Cape Town is better than being gay in one of South Africa’s major cities? The reason why this question is tricky to answer is that it gives the idea that living as a gay man in South Africa’s other major cities is not as fun which is not true. There is some truth to the fact that Cape Town is the best city to live in, in the world and not because of sexual preference, it’s just that that sociable, beautiful and stunning which makes living in it much better than anywhere in the world.

The Best City in the World

Cape Town was announced for the fifth consecutive year by the Telegraph Travel Awards, 2017, as The Most Beautiful City to Live In followed by Vancouver, and Tokyo. Cape Town is notable for its accessible lifestyle from affordable accommodation to the convenience of affordable transport, to street markets which offer inexpensive entertainment, as well as its social scene. Cape Town Tourism, has not only worked on the city is so great for its locals, but for tourists has been known to offer affordable weekend getaway packages.

Being Gay in the Best City

While living in Cape Town means more benefits as a South African, here’s why being gay in the best city in the world makes can make it that much better. There are queerer social events in the Cape Townian’s calendar. Also because of the number of gay residents in Cape Town, there are residences specifically catered for gay men notably to be found in De Waterkant suburb, also known for its fashion boutiques. Greenpoint and Seapoint also noticeably have the widest selection of gay bars and entertainment in South Africa, from Beef Cakes to fancy Babylon in Table Mountain, to the gay-only Clifton Beach.