Cape Town is home to some of the best beaches in the world with the fact that the sun stays up longer as an added bonus. The city also boasts a selection of private beaches on its white sandy shores known for having beach sports lovers, sunbathers, as well as being loved by the African Penguin which you can see over boardwalks under the supervision of SANParks. Another scene to visit is Cape Town’s Muizenberg beach, famous for its colourful beach boxes amongst other things that have earned it Blue Flag status for safety and eco-friendliness.

Image result for Clifton 3rd BeachA Visit to the Clifton 3rd Beach

Clifton 3rd Beach is a scene to relish, located in one of Cape Town’s upmarket areas. It forms one of 4 beaches, and can easily be said to be the favourite. Not only does it have some beautiful shops and villas to visit while there, but it also is a scene of tons of masculine bodies fitted into the best swimsuits. The beauty of it is an excuse to socialize with other gay patrons while engaging in your favourite water sports, and beach games.

A Visit to Sandy Bay

Another top gay places or beaches to visit here in Cape Town would have to be Sandy Bay, which is characteristically known for its stunning white beach sand, and for also being frequented by surfers who get to ride the waves with dolphins and seals. Sandy Bay also happened to be a nudist beach kept secluded by the fact that the closest parking area for cars is a 20-minute walk away. You can choose to visit this beach either completely nude or clothed but the environment is very much carefree and devoid of the hustle and bustle of your noisier beaches which is why this spot is a favourite of many.